Your Partner on the Ground

Consulting Services

The GMP Group provides management services to industry and governments ranging from developing sound strategies to aligning the organization with its environmental objectives and targets.

The partnership uses proprietary methodologies, tools, and rigorous analysis—both quantitative and qualitative. Services include Green Market Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Relationship Management, Portfolio Management, and Knowledge Management. Our services include auditing energy efficiency and renewable energy, ensuring compliance with regulations, tracking emission reductions and carbon footprint, water use, waste, and writing sustainability reports.

Additionally, the GMP Group supports strategies for Sustainable Agriculture, allowing farmers to grow higher-value crops, implement alternative technologies to bring small solar- and wind-power systems to rural regions and create environmentally sound options for microenterprises in disadvantaged or remote areas.

Regulatory & Policy Support

GMP provides regulatory support by advising, government ministries and departments, international agencies and the private sector on developing, implementing, and restructuring regulatory frameworks. Our Associates have a deep understanding of business operational and regulatory processes, having worked in different countries such as the EU, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Latin America, and South East Asia.

GMP produces the legal and policy analyses that decision...

Green Stewardship & Program Management

Businesses and organizations that master Green Strategy will win in the marketplace. Many companies are already recognizing long-term trends and making appropriate investments to respond to the new challenges such as climate change and sustainable development. The GMP Group supports projects and programs through realistic and achievable goal setting, cost-benefit analyses, program evaluation, and cost, schedule, and performance management.

GMP brings together a multi-disciplinary team of...

REDD+ & Forests

The GMP Group is able to manage readiness strategies by identifying policies, incentives, institutional frameworks, and priority investments needed to reduce deforestation and forest degradation providing additional and significant environmental and social benefits of REDD+ activities.

Our REDD+ & Forest Carbon Team specializes in reforestation, deforestation avoidance, agro-forestry projects, forest carbon accounting, satellite, aerial photography and LIDAR data analysis and...

REDD+e The Online Solution

REDD+e is a secure, responsive, online, multi-stakeholder communication tool and information warehouse that can be tailored as required to meet the specific needs of any user.

REDD+e, a web accessible application, allows Open Consultation and Public Participation wherever internet access is available. REDD+e provides the ability to support Governments, Companies and International Institutions of complex REDD+ implementations from any location.

REDD+e is a Secure information system that enhances...