Your Partner on the Ground

Business Landing Ltd.

Business Landing Ltd - Technology Partner, founded in 2006 - Business Landing's core business is the rapid provisioning of global Web 2.0 frameworks and providing collaboration solutions for enterprises and organisations.

Our signature product, qEnterprise, encourages geographically dispersed, multi-cultural teams to collaborate effectively and contribute using their diverse skills. Using Web 2.0 collaboration provides measurable results in:

  • Forming closer business relationships
  • Improving information quality
  • Increasing productivity
  • Speeding-up time to market
  • Reducing costs

Quantum Websites is a Business Landing project that provides fast, affordable, quality Websites to companies and organisations regardless of size or geographic location.

Business Landing Ltd has had an interest in projects helping to improve the life of those in underdeveloped regions, and maximise the opportunities of the young people living there. We are privileged to bring our expertise to support The GMP Group and the REDD+ initiative which seeks to generate opportunities for all.

Ministry of State PDT

PDT - GMP has signed a MoU with the Ministry for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions. PDT is a government executive in the field of Development of Disadvantaged Regions. Ministry of State PDT led by Minister of State, Ir.Helmi Faishel Zaini, who is under and directly responsible to the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

The Ministry of State PDT has the task to assist President in formulating policies and coordination in the field of Development of Disadvantaged Regions.

Tasks - the tasks in question include:

  • Formulation of national policies in the field of Rural Sector Development;
  • To Coordinate the implementation of policies in the Development of Disadvantaged Regions;
  • Management of properties / assets under PDT's responsibility;
  • Submission of evaluation reports, suggestions and considerations of tasks and functions for development of Disadvantaged Regions to the President.

The GMP Group communicate directly and cooperate with Mr. Tatag Wiranto, the Deputy Minister for...