Your Partner on the Ground

George Kuru


President Director and senior consultant at Ata Marie Group Ltd, an Indonesian based consultancy, offering land management and forestry advisory services. George held senior positions in leading forest industry consulting firms prior to establishing Ata Marie Group Ltd.

George is a forest industry professional who has worked in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and Europe. His expertise is land and natural resource evaluation - with specific knowledge and expertise in forest measurement and evaluation.

In the last three years, Mr Kuru has been directly involved in several carbon monitoring projects for a diverse range of purposes including assessments under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), forest related climate change and climate change mitigation, and the carbon compliance markets under the IPCC regulations. Mr Kuru has an extensive knowledge of the Indonesian institutions, systems and processes for forest carbon activities.

In addition to his technical strengths, George is a competent project manager, experienced in leading large projects and interdisciplinary teams. He has extensive experience throughout South East Asia and an in-depth knowledge of commercial and Governmental institutions. +62 813 7636 3095