Your Partner on the Ground

GMP supported Governmental Improvements to tackle Climate Change

During the first semester of 2011, GMP advised BAPPENAS, National Development Planning Agency, an Indonesian central government institution which is responsible for formulating national development planning and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) reviewing standard operating procedures (SOP) for Indonesia’s Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF). The main tasks carried out included the following:

  • Performed desk study and oversaw peer‐review processes to ensure high‐quality and timely reviews.
  • Performed analytical review and made remarks about the structure and content of the SOP document.
  • Included regulatory background in which SOP are developed to give audience an overview of the ICCTF procedures providing consistency with domestic legislation and logical framework.
  • Improved document quality, logical paradigms, definitions, reorganized and provided language for the governance structure and project life cycle.
  • Described new “operating principles” which were included for comments and prior approval of ICCTF, with the overall vision of guide and facilitate future Secretariat functions. Communicated substance issues to ICCTF project team leader.
  • Harmonized functions, roles, duties and responsibilities making sure stakeholders realize the amount of duties that ICCTF bodies distinctly will need to perform in a regular basis operation (post “PREP-ICCTF”).
  • Revised diagrams of Governance raising attention that the Secretariat should be considered as an administrative unit of the ICCTF.
  • Raised awareness about functions and duties overlaps between different bodies and provided language to resolve the problem.