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Ministry of State PDT


PDT - GMP has signed a MoU with the Ministry for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions. PDT is a government executive in the field of Development of Disadvantaged Regions. Ministry of State PDT led by Minister of State, Ir.Helmi Faishel Zaini, who is under and directly responsible to the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

The Ministry of State PDT has the task to assist President in formulating policies and coordination in the field of Development of Disadvantaged Regions.

Tasks - the tasks in question include:

  • Formulation of national policies in the field of Rural Sector Development;
  • To Coordinate the implementation of policies in the Development of Disadvantaged Regions;
  • Management of properties / assets under PDT's responsibility;
  • Submission of evaluation reports, suggestions and considerations of tasks and functions for development of Disadvantaged Regions to the President.

The GMP Group communicate directly and cooperate with Mr. Tatag Wiranto, the Deputy Minister for Special Region Development (a department within PDT) concerning items covering public/private partnership for development of disadvantage areas with a focus on the formulation of policy and management activities for climate change, sustainable development, forestry and land management.

Mr Jamaluddien Malik is the Deputy Minister for Regional Resource Management, and his department is responsible for the selection of potential areas for projects and capacity building within PDT (including the three pilot project locations).

Both Mr Jamaluddien Malik and Mr. Tatag Wiranto are signatories to the PDT – GMP Memorandum of Understanding.

Download the PDT - GMP Memorandum of Understanding here.